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Men’s Health Awareness

Men’s Health Awareness
Mens health

Spa holidays for Men

How important is it to be aware of mens health concerns and threats?

Considering the fact that the list of threats is surprisingly short, such as injuries, heart diseases and cancer, men are usually least concerned. However, that’s not a right approach. Most of these health threats are preventable but, only with proper care and prevention. Making the necessary lifestyle changes like eating nutritious and balanced diet combined with physical activity is the key to maintain good health and prevent diseases. It is equally important to manage risky behaviors like drinking excessively and engaging in frequent casual sex.

With age, mens health issues change to a certain extent. Does beer gut cause health problem? What is the truth behind male menopause and health issues? Is testosterone therapy helpful in maintaining youth and vigor? How do cholesterol numbers affect the heart? how to beat these problems.

Men’s Health and Lifestyle

Men should take charge of their health by making some healthier lifestyle changes.

  • Stop Smoking: Can you do it? Smoking or using any type of tobacco product can cause long-term health hazards. It is very important to learn how to avoid smoking. If you haven’t been able to do it yourself, seek expert help. Even exposure to air pollution and secondhand smoke can be detrimental to health.
  • Healthy Diet: Men are not choosy eaters, but they lack time. So, even if you are rushing, pack your lunch box with some whole grains, fruits and high fiber. Adding a lean protein is also a great idea. This kind of diet will keep your cholesterol numbers and body fat in check. In addition, you will get the required number of calories too, no more, no less. Limit sodium and saturated fat at the same time.
  • Weight Check: Now, the most difficult part of the game is to maintain body weight. Losing pounds and preventing them can lower risks of various diseases, including cancer and heart disease. As you gain weight in the mid-section, chances are that your metabolism will become sluggish, which will lead to various problems. Therefore, try to maintain balanced body weight.
  • Get Some Exercise: Include regular physical activity as a routine. It’s obvious that exercise helps in controlling weight and lowering the risk of stroke and heart diseases. But were you aware that it could also lower risks of cancer? Choose activities and sports like brisk walking, jogging, running, basket ball and others, to keep your heart rate normal and stay fit.
  • Stop Drinking: There’s no point in saying that you should limit alcohol – better, you should stop it today. For men, liver cancer has been a common cause of death, and the reason is alcohol. Regular drinking can overburden the liver, which leads to functional disorders. Also, excess alcohol can elevate blood pressure levels.
  • Stress Management: Stress is a part and parcel of life – sometimes boosting and otherwise deteriorating. Stress can hit your immune system seriously. To reduce stress, learn to cope with it in a healthy way. Eat fresh fruits, go for a walk in the morning, take a nap and go for yoga twice a week.


Men, by nature, are egoistic and self-made. However, when health is concerned, nothing works! Never delay going to a doctor for check up unless you feel something is very wrong in your system. Seeing a doctor on time can prevent health problems. If you have hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol, regular check up and medication is a must.

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