Glossary of  Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment Glossary

Welcome to our current selection of spa treatment glossary. Below you will discover our complete list of spa treatments with an option to refine this list by alphabets.

Spa Treatment Glossary - A


is soothing massage performed by one or two therapists who drizzle warm herbalized oil on the body, then massage it in with brisk, often long and flowing movements.


unblocking energy by stimulating particular pressure points on the body using fingerpoint massage.


an ancient Oriental healing technique based on Taoist philosophy. The aim is to balance the energy meridians to permit the body to 'heal itself '. A relatively painless technique, acupuncture can be administered using needles, low-voltage electric current (electro-acupuncture), or through pinpoint massage (acupressure).


also known as a Vichy Shower, affusion uses jets of sea water to massage the body at variable strengths. Can be combined with a manual massage

Alexander Technique

is method of re-educating the mind and body to improve movement. The focus is on applying the appropriate amount of energy for each activity in order to improve posture and balance, and to eliminate stress-inducing habits.


application of seaweed or algae


product or treatment that combats or defends against the ageing process.


aerobic exercises in a swimming pool using the buoyancy and resistance of the water.


use of essential oils from natural sources in an ancient practice of pressure-point massage. The inhaled aroma induces relaxation.


name for the positions adopted in yoga


an ancient Indian practice using herbs, essential oils, nutrition, massage and meditation to balance mind and body.

Spa Treatment Glossary - B

Bach Flower Therapy

extracts of flowers are used to promote healing and calm the senses


general term for bathing treatments, often using therapeutic mineral waters or vapour baths

Body Composition Analysis

used to analyse body fat and muscle mass to help create a weight loss, exercise and nutrition programme

Body Scrub

exfoliation treatment, removing dead skin cells and massaging and polishing the skin, using natural oils, sea salt, brushes or loofahs


application of a traditional healing paste, originally used by Balinese rice farmers and containing natural herbs, spices and crushed roots, usually combined with a therapeutic massage

Spa Treatment Glossary - C


Roman-style hot steam room, which can be infused with aromatic herbs


low-voltage facial massage which cleans, hydrates and oxygenates the deep skin layers, reducing impurities and helping acne

Chakra Balancing

the seven chakras are the body's energy centres, according to yogic theory, with treatments to unblock the chakras helping to promote wellbeing

Cold Plunge

cold pool dip following a hot treatment

Colonic Irrigation

water enema to cleanse and detoxify the colon to prevent toxins re-entering the blood stream.

Craniosacral therapy

gentle massage of the head and neck to release tension and restore balance.


water, steam and mud treatment

Crystal Healing

a spiritual healing using crystals or agates to draw out imbalanced energy from various parts of the body.


energy and circulation-improving technique using cups heated to create a vacuum and placed on selected parts of the body

Spa Treatment Glossary - D

Dead Sea Therapy

mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea used to cleanse and detoxify. Also used in the treatment of muscle stress, arthritis and rheumatism.

Deep Tissue Massage

vigorous deep muscle massage, usually used for sporting injuries


ayurvedic term for the main body functions or humours, consisting of vata dynamic force, pitta thermal force and kapha binding force. Ayurvedic medicine aims to balance the three doshas


is the technique of using a large towel or sheet to keep you covered while you're getting a massage

Dry Brush

preparatory treatment sometimes used prior to a massage, wrap or body scrub, using a dry natural-bristle brush to stimulate the body's circulation and remove dead skin

Dry Flotation Bed

the body is covered in a mud or algae wrap, cocooned and lowered into warm water.

Duo massage

also known as 4 hands massage is a synchronised massage by two therapists.

Spa Treatment Glossary - E


is a gliding stroke used in Swedish massage and facials. Effleurage can take place over large surfaces (the back, arms, legs, chest) or small surfaces (the face, throat and hands). The pressure and speed of effleurage varies based on the area and what the massage therapist or esthetician is trying to achieve.


treatments that use a low voltage electric current, usually to stimulate the muscles or promote circulation


French-style cellulite-reducing massage using a rolling machine and vacuum


removal of dead skin cells, using special brushes or loofahs and the application of oils, water or sea salt

Spa Treatment Glossary - F


application of mineral muds, which can be mixed with water or oil, used to improve circulation, soothe muscles and remove impurities

Flotation Tank

darkened tank where the body floats freely in a salt water or Epsom salt pool

Four hands massage

also known as Duo massage is a synchronised massage by two therapists.

Spa Treatment Glossary - G


an effective exfoliation method, using a thinly applied cream which is then gently rubbed off, removing dead skin cells as it peels away

Spa Treatment Glossary - H


Turkish-style steam bath, often a communal set of warm, hot and cool rooms. Can be combined with an exfoliating body scrub and vigorous massage. Can sometimes be used to refer to a conventional steam room

Herbal Wrap

strips of cloth are soaked in a warm herbal mix and wrapped around the body to remove toxins, relax and de-stress the recipient


complementary medicine system using highly diluted natural substances, which in greater quantities would cause symptoms akin to those the patient is experiencing

Hydro Pool

pool with high-pressure massaging water jets


method of stimulating the blood and lymphatic system by using high pressure hoses under water.


catch-all term describing all water-based treatments

Spa Treatment Glossary - I

Indian Head Massage

essential oils that are massaged with the fingers and the "heel" of the hand on the crown of the head. Particularly effective with focused meditation.


thalassotherapy technique using seawater charged with negative ions and inhaled or sprayed to help respiration

Spa Treatment Glossary - J

Javanese Lulur

also known as Mandi Lulur, this herb, flower and yoghurt rub is often then followed by a flower petal bath

Jet Shower

massage shower applied by a therapist using a high pressure hose to promote circulation and soothe the muscles

Spa Treatment Glossary - K


diagnosis of muscle weakness through allergies or nutritional deficiencies

Kneipp Bath

herbal bath treatment using special minerals in different temperatures of water, complemented by a specific diet and exercise programme

Kundalini Yoga

Indian yogic techniques focusing on the spine and metabolism

Spa Treatment Glossary - L


Roman-style dry heat sauna

Lastone Therapy

massage to relax and revitalize using hot and cold stones on a well-oiled skin.


Hawaiian massage using hands, forearms and elbows, rocking the body with long strokes

Lymphatic Drainage

gentle rhythmic massage to release trapped toxins and drain areas of water retention

Spa Treatment Glossary - M


two-person 'four hands' massage

Mandi Lulur

also known as Javanese Lulur is an ancient therapy involving a mask of flowers, herbs and spices that is allowed to dry then buffed and rinsed in yogurt. Usually precedes a jasmine or rose petal bath.

Marma Point Massage

form of ayurvedic treatment concentrating on the marma points on the shoulders and head area, aiming to help hearing and sight


meditation has many forms but all are based on the concentration of an object, sound or belief whilst controlling the breathing. A powerful antidote to stress and anxiety.

Spa Treatment Glossary - N

Nuat Phaen Boran

traditional Thai deep and stretching massage, used for more than 2,000 years in the Far East. Distinct from most other massage disciplines, Thai massage does not use any oils and the recipient is clothed in light pyjamas or robes

Spa Treatment Glossary - O

Ozone Bath

circulation stimulant using a jet of ozone bubbles onto the body while immersed in thermal or seawater.

Spa Treatment Glossary - P


treatments using plant extracts, including floral, herbal, seaweed, algae and essential oil ingredients


combines breathing and stretching exercises to relax, tone and strengthen the body

Spa Treatment Glossary - Q

Spa Treatment Glossary - R

Rasul Bath

mud packs are self-applied over the body in a special steam chamber where the minerals are slowly absorbed by the body


yoga technique of breathing and meditation to clear the mind thus achieving profound relaxation.


traditional Chinese therapy that massages individual pressure points on the feet, ears and hands to encourage energy flow and benefit distinct areas of the body


traditional Japanese therapy whereby the practitioner hovers their hands over the body to promote energy flow and healing

Roman Bath

mineral-enriched communal pool with inbuilt seating

Spa Treatment Glossary - S

Salt Glow

also known as Body Glow or Turkish Scrub is an exfoliating scrub using coarse salt, essential oils and water followed by a shower and the application of body lotion.


wood-lined dry heat room, to encourage the body to open its pores and sweat out toxins, relax and de-stress. Combined with cold showers

Scotch Hose

also known as JetBlitz or Jet Shower is a standing hydromassage using a high pressure hose of alternating hot and cold water.


Japanese therapy using finger-point acupressure to encourage healthy energy flow


ayurvedic treatment using warm oil poured slowly over the central forehead to promote balance and calm


aerobics workout using static fitness bicycles

Sports Massage

specifically-targeted deep tissue massage for sporting injuries or to ease strains

Steam Room

tiled room filled with steam to open and cleanse the pores

Step Aerobics

aerobic class using a small step to exercise on

Swedish Massage

one of the most widely-used massage systems, using five main types of long, strong strokes along with massage oils to soothe the muscles and promote flexibility

Spa Treatment Glossary - T

Tai Chi

Chinese 'soft' martial art, with elegant set movement patterns and controlled breathing exercises

Thai Massage

traditional deep and stretching massage used for more than 2,000 years in the Far East. Also known as Nuat Phaen Boran. Distinct from most other massage disciplines, Thai massage does not use any oils and instead the recipient is clothed in light pyjamas or robes


seawater therapies, often with mineral-rich marine extracts or seaweeds added

Tui Na Massage

a Chinese therapy using deep hands-on, digital pressure to relieve pain and restore balance.

Spa Treatment Glossary - U


high-frequency sound waves to soothe tired muscles

Spa Treatment Glossary - V

Vichy Shower

also known as affusion, a Vichy Shower uses jets of sea water to massage the body at variable strengths. Can be combined with a manual massage


treatment that combines thermal spring water, oligo-elements with wine and grape extracts to strengthen blood vessels and enhance micro-circulation.

Spa Treatment Glossary - W


Japanese shiatsu finger massage performed while the recipient floats in warm water

Spa Treatment Glossary - X

Spa Treatment Glossary - Y


practice originally developed in India, using postures and controlled breathing to stretch and tone the body, improve circulation, calm the central nervous system and bring about a meditative and whole state of being.

Yoga Nidra

literally translated to "yogic sleep", it is a state between waking and sleep, practiced in total relaxation where awareness is progressively withdrawn from the external world and focused inward on the body, inducing a heightened threshold of rest, release and receptivity. The brain is completely awake and open to "sankalpa", an intention or resolution to reshape one's personality or direction in life through positive repetition.

Spa Treatment Glossary - Z

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