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Sanctuary Spa Holidays Top 10 ways to detox..

Sanctuary Spa Holidays Top 10 ways to detox..
Sanctuary Spa Holidays Top 10 ways to detox..

Feeling tired, lethargic and under the weather? Perhaps it’s time to consider a detox

In short, a detox is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Many people claim feeling more focused and energetic during and after detox diets!

We’ve had a brainstorm, and listed our Top 10 ways to detox below. By no means an exhaustive list, these will however, most certainly help you on your way…

Keep Hydrated. Getting enough water is essential to your health. Among its other health benefits, water helps maintain your body’s fluid levels, which helps your kidneys flush out the body’s main toxin, blood urea nitrogen. Top Tip: Drink lemon water. Add lemon, orange, or lime juice to your water throughout the day. These fruits contain citric acid, which helps your body cut down fat.

Cut out alcohol. As well as numerous health implications, research suggests that alcohol may be linked with the onset of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer in women. If you can’t cut it out completely you’d be surprised at the difference with just lowering your consumption!

Avoid added sugars. Consuming excess sugar on a regular basis can cause your blood sugar levels to spike, putting you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers in the long run. Try and limit your sugar intake where possible.

Eat organically-grown produce and meat. Conventional produce is grown with chemical fertilizers and synthetic insecticides, while organic produce is grown with natural fertilizers and pesticides.

Limit your exposure to harmful toxins in the air. These include carbon monoxide, radon, and asbestos, all of which may be found in homes.

Meditate. Many religions and philosophies promote fasting as a way of refocusing the mind and developing a sense of peace. While you’re detoxifying your body, try to rid yourself of grudges, anger, sadness, and other negative feelings. Take time to consider your goals and aspirations.

Hydrotherapy. Long recognised for its therapeutic elements there are many benefits of hydrotherapy. These include; relaxation, movement using the waters resistance, warm water acts as a pain reliever on sore joints, and increased blood flow. Steam rooms, saunas and whirlpool baths are also beneficial.

Yoga. Did you know the right yoga  routine can help you detox your body and mind? Performing poses and sequences can help remove toxins, stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland, build muscle and get the digestive tract moving.

Don’t overdo it. Above all, find a balanced, achievable program that combines daily exercise and changes to a healthy diet, with regular, qualified supervision. Remember you are trying to set the stage for healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Breathe deeply, smile, be happy. After all, life is what you make it…

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