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Ten easy ways to beat stress

Ten easy ways to beat stress

Beating stress with Heritage Awali Mauritius

Ten easy ways to beat stress

With changing times, our lifestyles have become more stressful and demanding. The fast-paced life has created a number of challenges for us to cope with at the personal or professional front. The most common mistake and an unhealthy way to beat stress are taking up smoking and drinking. Always look forward find simpler and healthier ways to deal with stress. Here are the ten healthier ways to beat and coping up the stressful daily routine.

1. Meditate:

Spending time with you is the best way to deal with stress. It might sound much simpler and easy to just sit quietly for ten minutes and talk to you. A ten-minute meditation can be a great way to deal with stress. If you have never tried hands on meditation, the best thing is to go for it. While meditating you can also try some breathing techniques to pump back the much-needed oxygen back in the system, helping you beat the stress.

2. Get a pet:

Pets are the best ways to help you destress. Spending time with animals is the best way to beat the stress. If you pat a dog couple of times, that is taken as the best way of beating stress. The body released hormone that makes you feel relaxed and happy, helping you deal with the daily stress.

3. Follow an active lifestyle:

Following a healthy lifestyle makes it much easier for people to deal with stress. A healthy lifestyle starting from eating right and exercising daily helps you deal with the daily stress. Physical activity helps you to stay in the right frame of mind. Exercise daily to release the extra energy and releases the stress. The right lifestyle helps keeping you both mentally and physically strong. Exercise will not make your stress disappear, but it will reduce some of the emotional intensity that you are feeling, clearing your thoughts and enabling you to deal with your problems more calmly.

4. Hit the Spa:

A weekend getaway or spa holiday is the easiest and simplest way to beat the stress. Taking spa massages on a regular basis can help in dealing with ailments like blood pressure and diabetes and helps in keeping your heart healthy. Hitting the spa promotes muscle relaxation and emotional release. Destressing and unwinding at the spa improves your mental wellbeing along with the physical one.

5. Laugh Out Aloud:

As we, all know laughter is the best medicine so why not try dealing stress with laughter. Rent a DVD, hang out at the park with friends and laugh. Laughing out aloud helps to improve the circulation of oxygen in the blood that helps in reducing stress.

6. Listen to Music:

Listening to music is a wonderful stress reliever. Plug in your headphones when you are feeling stressed or irritated. A number of researches show that music is a great way to alleviate stress. Listening to Music not only relaxes you but also places you in a better frame of mind. If you are feeling stressed, putting on some calming music while you work could really help.

7. Quit Addictions:

More than 80% of us are addicted to some or the other habits, which lead to stressing. Quit habits like smoking and drinking. A research by the European Board for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco reveals consumption of nicotine represses the hormone serotonin that helps to combat stress.

8. Sleep:

An incomplete sleep cycle or insomnia can be one of the major reasons for your being stressed. A distributed sleep cycle can make you feel irritated and tired. Take up a complete night’s sleep for 6-8 hours. If you still feel tired and stressed, take a short power nap for about 15-20 minutes. When planning to sleep cut off from the gadgets and social networking.

9. Pursue your interest:

Love cooking, hill climbing, writing, and gardening, photography, working with animals or any other activity. Pursue and follow your passions to beat stress. Activities you love will easily absorb you slowing down the brain waves that were making you feel stressed. Following you, passion, not only keeps you mentally occupied, but also improves physical well being. An activity, which involves physical movement, allows you to lift your mood, curb down hunger, lowering blood pressure and offering a peaceful sleep.

10. PP Outlook:

P’s mentioned above denote practicality and positive outlook. The simplest idea is to agree to what you cannot change. Changing everything in life is not possible. Sometimes understand it is better way to make compromises. Focus on things you can deal and make changes with. Always be optimistic in life. Having a positive attitude makes it easy to deal with things. See the glass full rather than half-empty. Jot down all the positive things in life for which you are grateful.

Follow these ten golden rules in daily life to beat and deal with the stressful daily schedules and moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

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