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Month: October 2014

Just as a car needs fuel to need it running, each electronic product needs proper maintenance after a while; the joints in the human body also need proper care and upkeep to deal with the stressful lifestyles. For most of us are unaware about the presence of a fluid known as synovial (sin ö VI…

Ten easy ways to beat stress

Ten easy ways to beat stress With changing times, our lifestyles have become more stressful and demanding. The fast-paced life has created a number of challenges for us to cope with at the personal or professional front. The most common mistake and an unhealthy way to beat stress are taking up smoking and drinking. Always…

Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean, around 2,000 kilometers away from the southeast coast of the African continent.  Mauritius is a beautiful island and it’s a wonderful getaway, a place where one can enjoy tranquility and some peace. The flora and fauna of this place is also eye-catching and exotic in nature….