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Spring Into Detox Spa Holiday!

Spring Into Detox Spa Holiday!

Spring is the traditional season for having a good clean–out! It is also the ideal time to consider a detox spa holiday or cleanse.

Spring cleaning the house and opening all the windows and doors allows fresh air in which feels wonderfully rejuvenating.  Recycling unwanted clothing, old books, toys and electrical items is very satisfying and creates space for the new. The same applies to our bodies. It is natural for the body’s system to tune in with the rhythm of nature and re-charge after the dark winter months.

Detoxification is simply the elimination of toxins from the body, a process which occurs quite happily on a daily basis. However, with modern day living a little extra help is sometimes needed.  Even the healthiest of us will have toxins residing in our bodies, which we take in from food, drink and our environment. These can all serve to compromise our body’s ability to function at optimal levels.  Typical symptoms include dark circles under the eyes, bloating, poor skin tone, bad breath, weight gain, headaches, infertility and insomnia to name a few!

Many people who have cleansed delight at their increased energy and vitality. They also report feeling less stressed and anxious with increased mental focus, improved concentration as well as enhanced sleeping patterns.  In addition, there is the physical bonus of weight loss, glowing skin, shiny hair and bright eyes!

Do I need to Detox?

If the answer is yes to the majority of these questions then perhaps a detox is the answer!

1)      Do you feel tired even when you have had a long night’s sleep?

2)      Do you feel nauseous at the thought of breakfast?

3)      Do you have dark under-eye circles?

4)      Are you often bloated or constipated?

5)      Do you often feel lethargic and low in energy?

6)      Do you have food sensitivities?

7)      Do you suffer from dry skin, psoriasis or eczema?

8)      Do you experience headaches or mood swings?

9)      Do you rarely break into a sweat?

A proper cleanse can take time and is best started under the supervision of a health professional.

At Lifehouse, we have recently launched ‘The Lifehouse Cleanse’.  A package that includes a daily regime of cleansing juices, smoothies, soups, broths and salads as well as a personal detox kit, wellness consultation, spa detox treatments, unlimited use of the spa thermal area, gym and group activity schedule. Subject to a minimum 2-night stay.

Let Lifehouse make it easy!

Consider a detox at Lifehouse so that you can feel all bright and shiny both inside and out.

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