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Demystifying Massage

Demystifying Massage

Let’s face it, to the mass of the general public “massage” has a stigma attached to it.   More often than not seen as the preserve of either wealthy businessmen, elite athletes, or perverted weirdoes. The reality is that massage can be affordable and of great benefits to anyone no matter what your age, gender or occupation. Of course prices vary wildly as with any professional service, but whether your budget stretches to a four-hour full body health massage on a top spa holiday, or just a short session you will be thanking yourself for weeks to come.

Massage is an ancient method used to promote and maintain the health and function of the bodies musculature. In layman’s terms, although you may not feel as though you need one, a massage can go some way to alleviating the dull aches and tightness felt all over your body as a result of general day to day wear and tear. Those who participate regularly in sports or strenuous exercise should treat massage as a necessity in order to drain the build up of lactic acid and smooth out knots created by continuous, repetitive movements.

For the rest off us massage will ease those ‘niggly’ aches felt when sitting in an awkward position in  desk chair all day for example. If not tended to minor discomforts such as this can eventually lead to poor posture, affecting not just the muscles but the skeletal system as well. So you can see that even the most sedentary couch potato would do well to invest in a massage in a spa hotel now and again. As well as making your insides function better, massages will make you look great on the outside, almond oil is a staple in the utility belt of the masseuses and will moisturize your skin as your muscles are soothed. This does wonders for your complexion and reduces the need to spend hundreds on skin care products.

A massage also enhances your sense of mental well-being. Pressure applied to certain areas on the body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone we get when we exercise, meaning you will not only look great but feel on top of the world for days and week afterwards. Whether you undertake massage therapy on spa breaks or in health and beauty parlours closer to home, you are guaranteed to ask yourself: Why didn’t I try this before!?

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