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Yoga: the perfect way to maintain a healthy way of life

Yoga: the perfect way to maintain a healthy way of life

When I first used to think of yoga, the image of a Buddhist monk sitting legs crossed, arms folded and atop some desolate mountain in the middle of nowhere sprung to mind.  Yet since choosing to do yoga myself, I have discovered why it has been cherished for centuries by monks and has become a popular means of exercise. Yoga thriving with its ancient teachings and wisdom is a method that can be used by anyone. Through its graceful movements, I feel calmer, and balanced both spiritually and physically.

Doing yoga assisted in soothing my nerves and releasing all bodily forms of fatigue. I have discovered how it isn’t just a mere physical form of meditation, but also a fantastic way to remain fit! It has arts in healing people who suffer from symptoms such as backaches, anxieties, heart problems, to those who like me who suffer from asthma.

Who knew that through the strategic use of your mind to conduct your body and senses, you could assist in your body’s harmonious alignment, help to clear as well as relax your thoughts, and find that inner gumption, the desire and the confidence to face your day energised and focused, I didn’t!

Now understandable enough to reach a state of harmony can be difficult in this day and age, however, with a growing number of the Sanctuary Spa Holidays facilitating yoga classes, connecting with your inner self has become simple! With the right guidance given on many of the carefully selected high-class retreats, yoga can assist in loosening your body, relaxing those muscles and gently easing away your tension, but don’t just take my word for it, why not try it for yourself?

Yoga is a teaching that can be revisited time and time again whether it is as a group, at home, in the office, or as part of your breakaway on one of the many Sanctuary Spa destinations that are ideal for doing yoga. For example, the exquisite Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, the Parrot Cay, Providenciales, Caribbean, the Somatheeram Stress Management Retreat, Kerala, the Shanti Maurice a Nira Resort, Mauritius, and the exhilarating Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort & Spa in beautiful Thailand.

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