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Optimal Fitness at Spa Resorts Koh Samui

Optimal Fitness at Spa Resorts Koh Samui
Optimal Fitness at Spa Resorts Koh Samui

I decided to go with a group of health-minded friends to Thailand on hearing about the hospitality of the people out there. We agreed to fly to the beautiful island of Koh Samui, which is the third largest island of Thailand. Our purpose was to learn about taking care of our health and our lifestyle, while enjoying the natural surroundings.

We chose Spa Resorts Koh Samui as our destination and learned further that there are two resort locations. The first is The Spa Samui Beach Resort at Lamai Beach, on the east coast of the island and one of the popular spa holidays destinations in Thailand. The second location is the Spa Samui Mountain Retreat, which is also called the Village. It is set on the scenic Samui Rock Formations that overlook the Lamai Beach. This mountain retreat is very close to the Spa Beach and offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the views and get some exercise.

Spa Resorts Koh Samui provides shuttle buses, hence we were able to conveniently transfer from one location to the other, like from the beach to the hillside and vice versa. Both the Beach Resort and the Mountain Retreat offer free meditation and yoga classes and detox colon cleansing.

The bungalows and the rooms are noticeably newly renovated and that has made our stay more enjoyable. There are cable TVs with over 30 channels and Wi-Fi that allowed us to surf the internet anytime and anywhere in the resort we may be. There is a private swimming pool around which are comfortable relaxing chairs and the restaurant serves both the European and traditional Thai cuisine. The bar offers cocktails and beer and other beverages.

The daily Yoga and Qui Gung classes taught us how to breathe correctly and we were also thought to develop the habit of eating the right food. We were given recommendations on a healthy diet that we all mastered very easily. There are health experts at Spa Resorts Samui that we were able to talk to and make consultations with and classes that teach about raw food.

The health experts also will recommend that you do periodic detox cleansing, which was adapted from ancient Chinese teachings and believed to add years to your life. You need to arrive about a couple of days earlier, so that you can be pre-cleansed throughly prior to the actual detoxification.

We were also encouraged to join the Spa Resorts Koh Samui Yoga classes or the Boot Camps and go in for an hour of daily exercise routine. To have peaceful minds, peaceful contemplation or meditation should be done two times each day at a duration of about 20-30 minutes each time. This will give your mind rest.

In the end, we were all very happy to become a part of a community that focuses on getting healthy. Thanks to the hospitable staff for the first class service. We were also able to connect with people, who feel healthy after their holidays, just as we do.

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