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Massaging with essential oils

Massaging with essential oils

Essential oils are often referred to as the ’soul’ of a plant. They are produced by tiny glands in the petal of flowers, in the wood, stems and barks of trees, and in the skins of many fruits. Each oil is composed of at least 100 different chemical constituents, which are categorized as aldehydes, oxides, ketones, phenols, esters, terpenes, and alcohols. Oils have individual characteristics and when blended the different chemicals together produce a specific property – such a relaxing, uplifting or sedative  and a distinct aroma. About 300 oils are known for their healing powers, and more are continually being discovered. However, all are not used in aromatherapy.

The reasons for blending essential oils are to incorporate their different healing properties and create a particular aroma. There are no strict rules about blending, which is why aromatherapy can be a wonderful path of discovery. It is always a good idea to smell the oil before being massaged as we all have our own unique body odor which is governed by wide range of factors and same oil may smell differently on two different people.

When the massage is combined with aromatherapy, the scents of the essential oils can themselves assist in relaxation, helping to rebalance the emotional tension that often leads to muscle tension. An aromatherapy massage is performed more slowly and lightly, than traditional massage. It can take anything from few minutes to a couple of hours for the oils to be absorbed into the body, depending on a person;s state of health and the amount of fatty tissue.

Whichever oil you use for your massage, they will certainly help you to relax while at the same time revitalizing and healing – the natural way.

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