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Improving Wellbeing: Top five reasons to pick up a spa holiday

Improving Wellbeing: Top five reasons to pick up a spa holiday

For most of us, spa holidays is synonymous for luxury and indulgence. However, there is a lot more to spa holidays than just luxury and indulgence. Taking up a spa holiday gives you a chance to enjoy as well as reap a number of health benefits, making it easy to keep you healthy and fit to deal with the daily stressful routines. We give you top five reasons that you should pick up a spa holiday to improve your health.

Stress management:

The spa holiday gives you a great chance to deal with the daily stressful chores and the fast-paced life. A spa holiday offers a number of ways to de-stress people.  A spa holiday offers you a chance to enjoy a number of activities such as yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi to deal with the stressful schedules and improve your fitness levels. Indulging in body massages, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy help you to relax your tensed muscles and soothe down your tired senses. Taking up a spa holiday offers you a chance to relax and de-stress  on a spa holiday may include daily walks, swimming and practicing Pranayama breathing.

Build up your immune system:

Wondering how does a spa holiday helps to build up the immune system. A spa holiday gives you ample of time to relax and take up all the fitness activities that you had been missing for a long time. A spa holiday has increased health benefits as it allows the body to grow stronger through a peaceful process. The spa treatments modulate the diets along with letting you follow the best and the most enjoyable treatments to build up your system.

Improve Muscular strength:

A spa holiday helps you to combat the pains and aches that have been troubling you for long. Taking up a spa holiday gives you an opportunity to deal with muscular problems that have been worrying you for long. The hot oil massages help you to distress the tense knots and problem areas. Spa therapist opts for therapies like physiotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology and hot oil massages, helping you to deal with problem areas like a knee injury from an over exertion or a long-term back issue. Taking hot oil massages is a great way to deal with issues like arthritis and back pain. Indulging in a spa regime offers you benefits like increased flexibility and strengthen your muscles as well as protecting yourself from any potential, future problems.

Weight Loss:

Getting back in the old college pants is a big challenge for anyone of us. A spa holiday can be easily converted into a weight loss holiday. All one has to do is to opt for a new way of living. The spa holidays are designed to improve your lifestyle and to help reduce weight. Following a spa routine helps you intake a proper diet and maintain a fitness schedule. The weight loss programs are designed with a mix of cardiovascular fitness, diet plans, yoga, pilates and other fitness activities to help you shed a few extra pounds. Weight loss can be achieved by following a combination of fitness activities and healthy diet plans, which include; physical examinations, medical plans, nutrition consultations and private sessions with a Personal Trainer, where you will have a personalized fitness program


Sleep is another important health benefit of a spa holiday. Almost 60 percent of the population suffers from issues like insomnia, sleep disorders and depression.  Improper sleep patterns cause’s issues like memory loss, blood pressure disorders, depression, mood swings. Spa treatments like aromatherapy, massages, shiatsu, reiki or reflexology help you to improve the sleep patterns. Some spa holidays have specially designed sleep enhancement programs, which help you improve sleeping patterns and diagnose the issues that cause the disorder. The program also includes special food diet, posture programs and sleeping positions to aid healthy sleep.

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