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Worries of a first time Spa Holiday Goers

Worries of a first time Spa Holiday Goers

With stressful schedules and fast-paced life, the need for taking a spa break has increased two folds. A spa break gives you a chance to break free from the tiring schedules, feel rejuvenated and invigorated. Going to the spa for the first time can be both an exciting and anxious experience. The biggest fear that most of the first time spa-goers face is the baring off for a spa treatment. If you are a first timer on a spa holiday, just keep these basic things in mind to make your spa experience an easier and comfortable one.

Some frequently asked questions that pop into the mind when you are going to the spa for the first time. Here are our tips for the first time spa goers:

Do I have to be Naked for Spa Treatments?

Worried about paring down, most of the spas do not require to bare off completely. It is never required to bare down in front of everyone. There are places for you to change your clothes and from where you can change into a robe or towel until the spa room. The therapist at spas are well versed with the art of draping, helping you bare the right amount of body making you feel more comfortable. Be vocal about your comfort to the therapist will make it much easier to enjoy your spa experience.

Which therapist to prefer, whether male or female?

Worried about which therapist to use, confused whether to opt for a male or female one, the simplest thing that can be done is to contact the hotel. If you are comfortable using a female therapist, state your request in advance. Do not be shy. If you are a female and you prefer a female therapist, just say so. That goes for men too. Some men prefer female therapist, others prefer males, vice versa. For most spa goers, it does not matter, but it is entirely up to the individual.

What should I wear to the Spa?

Going for a spa holiday, confused about what to wear is a simple problem. It is best to wear light, casual clothing when visiting a day spa. Jewellery should be left at home, as it may interfere with treatment and most spas will not be responsible for lost or stolen jewellery.

What should not be done before a day before spa?

Going to the spa next day, there are some basic things that should be avoided a day before taking up spa treatments. Avoid shaving a day before going for spa treatments, reason being if you are using salt-based treatments. The salt stings the shaved area, making the experience uncomfortable. Fill up a health consultation from a day before your spa holiday filling in all the details about your health status now.

Can I take up a spa holiday when pregnant?

Wish to take up spa holiday, while pregnant keep certain basic things in mind. If you are in the first three months of your pregnancy, it is advisable not to take up body spa treatments on a spa holiday. At the time of pregnancy, the best spa treatments to be taken are foot massages, foot treatments: pedicures, reflexology and foot baths. The reason being that the feet carry much of the body weight when one is pregnant. Make use of organic and natural spa products while taking up spa treatments and therapies to avoid any allergies or reactions.

Which spa to choose for taking up a spa holiday?

Worried to choose the best spa location, the simplest way on how to choose a spa holiday package is to visit the Spa Holidays website to choose from a wide array of spa holidays all over the world. Confused about the quality of spa treatments, you can also read reviews on a number of websites, where you can find experiences of previous clients. This helps in making your decision easy and a better one.

At last, most of us fear about falling asleep during the spa treatments. Don’t be paranoid about falling asleep on the table. If you fall asleep on the table, it is a sign of ultimate relaxation, making the spa holiday experience a great one.

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