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Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness – Some Benefits of Meditation You Might Have Never Known

Meditation at Ananda in the Himalayas

What does meditation remind you of? Silence befalls, robed monks with shaved heads sitting in the Lotus position, eyes closed – for hours!

Certainly, their minds have been trained and disciplined over the years to ponder in this way over a long time. This isn’t a feat for any ordinary person, was the thought that prevailed since ancient times. However, meditation is very much in practice today, considered the most efficient self-help technique that can release stress and anxiety from your system, the mind and body.

Perhaps, the visuals of pre-historic meditation techniques can be changed today, since more and more people are practicing it as their life-saving tool. Indeed, meditation has always been an imperative part of religious and spiritual practices for mankind, as per recorded history. Even though it could take years of consistent and steady practice to be able to attain and hold that peaceful state of mind for hours, meditation and its countless benefits are not going to be effortlessly accessible to all, but it is likely that you’ve been doing the same without even realizing.

Meditation, the term, simply implies to a practice of thinking, contemplating or pondering. In the world, it bears several other names, but its basic idea remains the same. Through medication, you can enter a certain state of mind wherein you can easily focus on one thing. If you’ve ever dealt with a wandering mind, daydreaming at length, you are actually meditating. If there were time in your life when you were completely captivated by repetitive motion, you were actually lulled into a state of meditation. The same thing happens when your eyes are glued to a book and you are reading, or you lose track of time.

Benefits of Meditation

It is quite natural for the human mind to slip into trance state – the present moment seems to pass by soon. When a person is intentionally practicing meditation, he/she is engaged in a state of disciplined training, which involves the body and mind in command. This practice has been applied for achieving several goals, such as building and restoring energy, relaxation, self-contemplation and enlightenment.

Meditation also has several physical benefits. It can release stress, induce sleep and regulate blood sugar levels, for example, stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol tend to bog down our immune system, which makes it difficult to fend of diseases. Furthermore, elevated levels of stress have certain negative effects on the body. Meditating regularly can reduce the negative effects and help you relax.

Regardless of how you do it, meditation is beneficial in various spheres of life. It helps in creating an overall peaceful sanctuary in the body. Its benefits are such that, over time, you will be pleased with improved performance at various stages in life, both work and family. Within your mind, you will be able to realize the purpose and truth of your life.

Simple Meditation Techniques for All from Sanctuary Spa Holidays team

  • Look around and notice everything surrounding you. Pay close attention to the textures, lines, shapes and colors – the pre-meditation stage.
  • Tune in to listen to sounds (not noises) and pay attention to subtle nuances.
  • Breathe in the smells, air temperature and sensory information you receive.
  • Concentrate on your breathing. Feel your feet reaching the ground and witness the surroundings.
  • Finally, be a part of that moment. Don’t judge your experiences; make no attempt to sense anything.

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