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5 Best Ayurvedic Spa Holiday Retreats

5 Best Ayurvedic Spa Holiday Retreats
5 Best Ayurvedic Spa Holiday Retreats

Ayurvedic Spa Holiday are more than simply receiving spa treatments and joining yoga retreats. This wellness system has been an element of the culture and wellbeing of India since it was established 5,000 years ago and focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases for a long and healthy life. Ayurveda is all about perfect aligning of the body, mind and soul through meditation and diet, yoga as well as massage. Here are some best destinations to consider for your Ayurvedic spa holiday.

SwaSwara, India
An Ayurvedic spa holiday at SwaSwara is centered on taking good care of your spiritual needs and your body in general. This hideaway is serene and eco-friendly and will make you feel totally relaxed in the end. The resort is close to breathtaking beaches and surrounded by vegetation. Just being here will remove all the stress built-up within your body, while enjoying all the offered comforts and amenities.

SwaSwara’s villas are simply, yet stylishly furnished, including huge beds where you can rest after a day of trekking or meditation. The villas are overlooking the ocean. You will be guided onto a journey that leads to your self-recovery so, expect Ayurvedic therapies, yoga and meditation to be at the center of the resort’s philosophy.

There are three dinner venues to delight you. Offering fresh vegetables and fish, you can choose to dine at the thatched terrace, the beach grill or the poolside restaurant.

Ananda in the Himalayas, India
At Ananda, the Ayurveda experience has been designed to help you heal, relax, cleanse and revitalize. The system is an essential part of your wellness regime, allowing you to achieve your personal goals, through a change of lifestyle. The resort has Ayurveda doctors and therapists, who are all qualified to administer treatments that range from massages to detoxification. For every treatment, only age old powders, oils, wooden beds, vessels and other traditional elements are only used. This allows your spirit and body to experience a metamorphosis in the environment of the Himalayas.

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand
Kamalaya is an award winning spa resort in Thailand that aims to create an environment that promotes an atmosphere of personal growth and long healthy life. Overlooking the southern Koh Samui coast, the Kamalaya offers a calming energy because the cave temple was once used as a place of spiritual retreat and meditation by the Buddhist Monks.

Several Ayurvedic programs are offered at Kamalaya that include the Relax and Renew, to help you relax, regain balance, replenish the spirit and renew your energy. The Yoga Synergy is a tailored program that is suitable for people who already practice yoga as well as beginners, with customised daily sessions that teach physical posture, meditation and breathing as well.

Niraamaya Surya Samudra Ayurvedic Retreat, India
This resort is located on the Kovalam cliff tops, overlooking the Arabian Sea. It offers hotel facilities that are extremely comfortable. The spa alongside it is acclaimed worldwide, with various Ayurvedic treatments of the body and the spirit. There are 31 luxurious cottages complete with wooden furnishings, four-poster beds and terracotta roof tiles. The center of Niraamaya’s philosophy is a combination of yoga sessions, detox programs and tailor-made wellness Ayurvedic packages.

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