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The New Hotspot For Spa Holidays

The New Hotspot For Spa Holidays
The New Hotspot For Spa Holidays

Planning to rejuvenate and revitalize your drained energy levels, looking for a destination for taking up a revitalizing spa holiday. Then mark the small nation of Bhutan on top of the list. Nestled beautifully amidst the gigantic Himalayas and lush green trees make Bhutan a great place for taking up a spa holiday. With beautiful tranquil surroundings, fresh air and serenity all around makes the entire experience a memorable one.

Bhutan has a beautiful landscape, surrounded by sacred mountains, lush valleys, monasteries, ancient fortresses and lush green valleys making your spa holiday experience a romantic one. Of all Himalayan countries, Bhutan is the most appealing to the people coming from the west.
Looking for enjoying a comfortable stay while you enjoy those healing spa treatments, then stay at the luxurious Uma Paro resort in Bhutan. Enjoy an excellent service and a friendly welcome by the staff at the hotel to make your holiday experience a great one.

Located on a cliff top, spreading over an area of 38-acre, the resort takes advantage of an alluring surroundings, which has been decorated with indigenous Buddhist traditions. Crafted in a serene atmosphere with all the needed services makes spa holiday at the Uma Paro Como Shambhala an unforgettable one. The rooms are decorated with Zen-inspired interiors, which look right into the deep Himalayan valleys.

Looking for more reasons to visit to the Shambhala Spa, try out the holistic treatments at the resort. Designed with the state of the art facilities, steam rooms, modern gyms and an indoor pool, outdoor sun decks and natural homegrown products make your spa holiday worthwhile. The ancient Asian therapies, traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath, and excellent Yoga tuition inspire most of the spa treatments at the Uma Paro. Add up your spa holiday with other wellness treatments such as Meditation, Pilates and Ayurveda.

Thinking what more does a spa holiday at the Como Shambhala offers; the in-house guests enjoy daily yoga classes every morning along with a wholesome meal. Try out healthy and seasonal meals at the famous in-house restaurant called Bukhari.

Looking for some adventure activities on your holiday, the Uma Paro by Como offers you a wide array of adventure activities to add to your holiday experience.

Try out climbing the gigantic Himalayas or just try out some jungle walking to add some adrenaline rush. Himalayan treks and local sightseeing tours are available, along with sporting activities like mountain biking and rafting adding more colours to your holiday in Bhutan.

Add a wide array of experiences to your spa holiday, along with enjoying a comfortable stay at the Uma Paro by Como Hotels. Rejuvenate and regain your drained energy levels, while enjoying a wide range of activities and well-equipped stay.

Travel to the newest hotspot spa destination of Bhutan known for offering top quality, invigorating and rejuvenating spa holidays. Explore the serenity and beauty of the small Asian Nation of Bhutan, relax and heal up your tired senses on a spa holiday with Sanctuary Spa Holidays.

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