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Volcano Ash Flight Restrictions Update

Volcano Ash Flight Restrictions Update

21st April 2010:  Flights from Asia, Africa and America began landing in Britain last night after air regulators eased restrictions that had closed the skies.  The first flight to arrive at Heathrow was a BA from Vancouver at 10pm. A further nine arrivals landed  last night from Las Vegas, Delhi, Abuja, Mumbai and Bangkok.  Another 11 are expected to land from 5am this morning, an hour before Heathrow’s normal opening time.

All other UK airports appear to be open and operating normally, but again check the BAA website, Gatwick’s own dedicated site or individual airline websites for full confirmation details.
BA advised passengers to expect cancellations, particularly on short-haul flights, until this afternoon at least. EasyJet planned to resume some services across the UK and continental Europe from this morning but said that it would take days to resume normal operations and delays were likely.   Virgin Atlantic Airways said it hoped to resume some services from today.

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