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Top 5 essential oils used in Aromatherapy

Top 5 essential oils used in Aromatherapy

spa holidaysAromatherapy totally depends on the sweet fragrance of essential oils. These days, it is a popular treatment to find a better solution of health problems. Aromatherapy contains healing properties and keeps a good balance of the body. Essential oils are extracted from seeds, herbs, flowers, twigs, roots and fruits. This festive season book an appointment at a spa and rejuvenate with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is an age old practice and good for health. This holistic treatment is popular all over the world. Essential oil massage relaxes your body and mind. No problem stays longer when you prefer Aromatherapy treatment. The spa offers aromatherapy for its unique properties. The fragrance of essential oils stimulates the nerves. Different types of essential oils have different qualities. To know more, check out the five different types of essential oils in Aromatherapy.

  • Eucalyptus Oil- The essential oil from Eucalyptus is good for respiratory issues. Do you have asthma problem? Then, take a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil during hot bath. This oil has strong properties to cure cold and cough.
  • Tea Tree Oil- Do you have oily skin? The astringent properties in Tea Tree oil help you reduce oily skin problems. People facing scalp issue can use a few drops in shampoo. This results in cleaning the scalp instantly.
  • Peppermint Oil- Menthol properties in peppermint essential oil works incredible. If you want mental sharpness, then you must use peppermint essential oil. The spa uses this essential oil in Aromatherapy to reduce migraines and headaches.
  • Lavender Oil- Lavender essential oil is the most popular essential oil. The sweet floral fragrance removes stress and anxiety. Massage with Lavender essential oil acts as a great antiseptic. This essential oil relieves your all pains and give you sweet feeling.
  • Lemon Oil- Lemon is famous in every house around the globe. It has many properties to stay fit and healthy. Similarly, in the world of essential oil and aromatherapy, lemon oil plays a great role. This oil helps you stay away from negative vibes. This oil is antifungal and heals the wounds.

Apart from the above five essential oils, there are other essential oils like Ginger, Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Sage and spearmint. Regular use of these oils keeps you fit, active and fresh. These days, spa uses various types of essential oils for guests to provide complete pleasure.

Various methods are available to use the essential oils. In the spa, these methods are body oil massage, hot water bath, skin cream, body spray and shampoo. There are no side effects of essential oils. Your spa expert will take great care of your tired soul. Now that you know about essential oils, you can easily book an appointment at a spa near you.

The history of Aromatherapy has strong roots. Therefore, it is a natural way to cure many serious diseases. Remember that essential oil is not an item to swallow. Spending a day in the spa with Aromatherapy and other treatment with essential oil is a million dollar idea.

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