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Relax in the Unique Environment of SHA Wellness Spa Clinic

Relax in the Unique Environment of SHA Wellness Spa Clinic
Relax in the Unique Environment of SHA Wellness Spa Clinic

The SHA is a spa destination where you can enjoy seeing and doing many things. Definitely one of the world’s favorite for tourists, the SHA Wellness Spa Clinic has nature’s wealth, beautiful beaches, a privileged climate and a range of fitness activities and wellness programs available for all health enthusiasts. The resort was cited by the World Health Organization as amongst one, which has the best weather in the world.

The SHA Wellness Spa Clinic has five buildings, where 93 suites are spread throughout. The resort has a Meditation and Tropical Garden, Zen, big outdoor and indoor swimming pools, relaxation areas and waterfalls. The Wellness quarter is erected on 4000 square meter area divided on various floors. It has complete hydrotherapy circuit and numerous treatment rooms, consultation room, medical rooms, relaxation area, treatment suite for couples and a waiting room.

The SHA offers both General Programs and Specific Programs, which are both focus and goal driven.

General Programs
General Programs allow you to choose between (1) SHA Essence which is a one week program for your well being and happiness, and the (2) SHA Discovery that requires only 4 days for you to learn about the habits that are best for your body.

Specific Programs
Specific Programs consist of numerous detox, fitness, rejuvenation, anti-tobacco, weight Loss, sleep Recovery and Ramadan programs. These are designed to detoxify your body and attain your objectives for physical fitness. The programs are great for people, who have anxiety problems or are overweight, stressed, tired, depressed and can’t have enough sleep. The cause of many health conditions is excess weight. Diabetes, heart disease and other ailments can be put right with a personalized weight loss program.

The SHA Healthy Break is a short term program that covers only 3 days. You can join daily fitness activities and have a treatment plan that is personalized according to your health needs. This break will boost your health and restore your energy.

These programs are supported by treatments that are expected to heal many conditions and lengthen life expectancy and may involve the use of natural therapies, Macrobiotic diet (itself a therapy), exercises, eastern and western medicine, massages and meditation. These can also boost the power to heal the body and allows guests to achieve both mental and physical well being.

The SHA has a team of medical professionals, who are always in important positions, in this branch of scientific knowledge and who continue acquiring the high standard of service by joining distinguished medical conventions and summits.

The SHA Wellness Spa Clinic

Aptly referred to as a paradise of wellness, the SHA Spa has a range of treatments and therapies on offer. These treatments are gathered from many cultures across the globe, combined with the advances of the western world. You are sure to enjoy an experience, which is completely luxurious. Some of the offered spa treatments include stone therapy, reflexology, reiki, lymphatic draining, Ai-Chi, deep tissue massage and many more.

After a pleasant stay at the SHA Wellness Spa Clinic, you will leave the resort feeling more active and energetic, renewed inside out, with a more healthy appearance.

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