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Spa Bliss in India

Spa Bliss in India

Spa Bliss in India

India offers a cultural cocktail for many singles travelers. From snow- topped mountains and spice bazaars to sun-drenched beaches and the Taj Mahal, the country offers a variety of landscape and experiences. Embedded into the country’s culture is Ayurveda which probably started in the Himalayas in about the 6th century. This ancient ’science of life’ takes into account your entire being – body, mind and spirit – and brings with it an armory of physical treatments widely used around the world, from massage to yoga and detox programs.

Kerala association with Ayurveda is due to many Luxury Ayurvedic resorts that have recently established in the state. For most visitors to Kerala, the most enjoyable and relaxing Ayurvedic treatment is a massage, which is also the first cleansing therapy offered. The Ayurvedic programmes offered by most hotels and resorts are rejuvenation therapy, body immunisation and longevity therapy, body cleaning or overall well-being. Some resorts also offer synchronized massages by two more therapists, as well as Chavatti-Uzhichil, which is done by foot instead of hand, for rejuvenation, muscle toning, weight loss and improved circulation.

Kovalam is one of Kerala’s most popular tourist destination and it rates among India’s most visited spa destination. Kovalam’s main claim to fame are its four stretches of beach, separated from one another by rocky promontories or streams.

Located on the slopes of a hillock, Manaltheeram, the Ayurvedic beach village is situated at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, offers a variety of therapeutic packages for all seasons including the monsoon, which, according to Ayurvedic system, is the most appropriate season for thorough medical care. The programs include rejuvenation therapy, various clinical treatments and beauty care. A menu consisting of 250 vegetarian dishes made from an assortment of vegetables, raw salads and fruit juices are available. Manaltheeram takes great care to meet the high standards expected of it. A holiday at Manaltheeram Ayurveda Village is sure to give a healthy body, a content mind and an enlightened soul.

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