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Skin care tips that help you avoid winter blues

Skin care tips that help you avoid winter blues

Skin care tips that help you avoid winter blues.

Dripping temperatures in winters can create havoc for skin and hair. The falling temperatures not only bring the cold and dry winters, but also create a threat to retain the skin moisture.  An undernourished skin looks itchy, dry and red. Here are a few issues that make your skin parched, flaky and itchy. The dry weather also brings a lot of lifestyle issues such as hot showers, long warm dips, sweltering offices, and harsh soaps are a little to blame.

Here are a few simple tips and ways to improve your dry skin in winters.


Exfoliation sounds contradictory to the thought of improving your skin regime in winters. However, gentle scrubbing is a useful way to improve your skin care regime as it helps the skin to absorb lotions and creams work better. As the skin becomes dry, the dead skin stops shedding the dead skin, making it difficult for the moisturizer to be absorbed completely into the skin. Invest in a mild exfoliant, like a jojoba-bead scrub or a cleanser with fruit enzymes.

Increase water intake:

People miss out to increase their water intake in the winters. However, it is more important to drink water in the winters to keep the skin hydrated. The easiest way is to carry a bottle of water along with you as you go outside. You can switch to drink herbal tea like green tea, chamomile tea that contain antioxidants that helping in keeping you healthy. Make sure that you hydrate to the skin healthy.

Keep the temperature warm not hot:

Another important thing to make sure is that the temperature inside the house or car is much hotter than the actual one outside. Too much of temperature variation can lead to broken capillaries that can result in temperature, shock as you step out in the cold weather. When you walk in the home, wear slippers and warm socks to prevent the feet to suffer from chilblains, which can cause your feet to swell and become sore. When taking a hot shower, make sure, the temperature is never too hot as it strips out the natural moisture and texture of the skin. Ensure that you stick to a moisturizing soap to prevent your skin from becoming flaky and itchy.


The key to save your skin from the winter troubles is to moisturize it. UV protection is essential to protect the skin from the harsh sunrays in the winter. It is more suitable to switch to a thicker base of moisturizer to save the skin by building a lipid barrier and humectants hydration around tenderized areas like the cheeks, nostrils, or any other hot spots. Invest in buying a natural sunscreen rather than a chemical one to avoid allergy and rashes.

Start Sweating:

If you are looking to improve your skin, then the best way is to exercise. You can start it by sweating it out. Exercising makes it easier for the body to release the toxins and helps to make your skin glow. Try taking up activities like yoga, Pilates, aerobics, etc. or on the other hand, if you wish to unwind, take up a short cycling holiday, yoga holiday to pump up your endorphin levels as well as to improve your skin.

Eat a Balanced diet:

Winters give you an option to enjoy a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Consuming a healthy diet, which includes vitamins and minerals, is the best way to keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated. Eating an unbalanced diet will make you look dull and hungry for nutrition. A balanced diet keeps you nourished and helps to keep you stay fit. If you have trouble with maintaining a balanced diet then take multivitamins, but remember that this is not an effective replacement for the real thing. Once in a month try to follow a detox program making you release all the toxins you have gathered in the body over a period.

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