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Kamalaya, Koh Samui presents

Kamalaya, Koh Samui presents
Alchemy with the Modern Day Wizard Andrew Walls
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary is very pleased to welcome Andrew Wallas and his modern day Wizardry. With a superior combination of skills and treatments, Andrew will unravel blockages and resolve heartbreak. Andrew has the intuitive skill to find our secret reserves of joy and to offer new perspective and vitality. Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity to create new beginnings in your life.
What is a Modern Day Wizard?
A Modern Day Wizard practices spiritual psychology, intuitive healing, body whispering and supports deep emotional release with a challenging intellect and a sense of magic. This unique hybrid creates an all chemical shift in energy which leads to joy and freedom. Many therapies deal with surface trauma, but the Wizard’s gift is healing heartbreak which he does by unearthing and addressing core wounding.
Healing Heartbreak Workshop
We have all experienced many heartbreaks during this lifetime. Most of us have spent our lives seeking to avoid the inner heartbreak we carry. The list of activities we have relied upon to do this is endless but includes drugs (recreational and prescribed), alcohol, food, sex, work, busyness, compulsive thinking and fantasy. In one sense it is simple; it is all an elaborate attempt to avoid the multiple layers of heartbreak. What was broken can be healed and this can bring more understanding, acceptance and love. Any heartbreak we heal becomes a place of compassion and wisdom within us. In this process, through exploring and exposing our heartbreaks, we will heal what feels irrevocably broken.
What are the benefits of One-to-One Sessions?
Andrew works with individuals and business organisations to identify blocks which inhibit the natural flow of opportunity and prosperity. He helps align both individuals and corporations with Universal Energy.  What makes Andrew powerful is the combination of a searing intellect with deep intuition. His consummate skill in identifying blocks and dysfunctional patterns results from his ability to effortlessly straddle two worlds, exhibiting a profound understanding of one’s inner and outer life. He has been successful in an outer world sense – creating significant wealth in business – and for the last twenty years has honed his skills as a Modern Day Wizard, training in bodywork, psychotherapy, psychology, spirituality, psychodrama, gestalt, constellation and breath work.Each one-to-one session is bespoke and lasts between 1-3 hours. During the session the individual will release internal blocks and receive support to reach their full potential in whatever area of their life they most seek change: in work, in finding love, in relationships, health, trust issues, releasing guilt, fear and/or shame. The Wizard’s inspirational and life-changing work embodies the notion that joy is readily available now. Where his essence and personality meet, he shows us through his own openhearted ness and implicit understanding of our universal struggles, how to lead a graceful and loving life. He’s an inspirational character with a fearless individuality who underlines the folly of constructing a false self and shows us how to best be and accept our true authentic self.  The Modern Day Wizard creates openings and the possibility of change akin to the casting of spells – it is literally creating alchemy.
Andrew started his working life in the City, where in 10 years he became extremely successful in the Financial Services Industry. By his late twenties, he was fast realising that the rapid growth in outer financial success was correlated with a sense of inner meaninglessness and loneliness. He left the City at the peak of his financial career. A subsequent spiritual crisis and awakening arose from a place of despair and isolation. It led to a 3 year course at Theological College studying theology and philosophy and subsequently gaining a masters degree in psychology. Following several trainings in psychotherapy, he opened a thriving clinical practice in North London, working with individuals and groups. During the 1980s and early 1990s, he worked with clients
focusing on inner child work, bodywork and breath work. He underwent the Level 1 process at the Oneness University in India, becoming a Oneness Facilitator. He has also completed the Level 2 process, the Oneness Training programme and the Advanced Training programme.
Visiting Period
27th January – 5th February 2012
Talk: An Audience with the Wizard
27th January & 1st February: 18:30 in the Alchemy Lounge
Workshop: Healing Heartbreak
29 January & 2ndFebruary: 14:00 – 17:00, in the Yantra Hall

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