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Wellbeing and health for singles

Wellbeing and health for singles
Wellbeing and health for singles

Finding more time for your self does not necessarily mean that you are friendless, unhappy or feeling pathetically inadequate. It also does not imply that you have tendencies that are anti-social. The real truth is that seeking solitude in this constantly connected world can actually give you some health benefits, physical and psychological.

When you give yourself some alone time, you are giving your brain the probability of replenishing itself. Freeing yourself from distractions allows you to think clearly, focus and revitalize both your mind and body. Your concentration will get improved and therefore your productivity. So many interruptions in the job and daily life will prevent you from doing your work constantly over a period of time.

With solitude, you can discover yourself and you can find ways to express your ideas. Being a part of a group gives you no other choice, but to go along with what the group does or think, which you may not always agree with when you are on your own. This is because some “me” time allows you to think clearly and deeply, which cannot be possible if you allow yourself to go with the commitments and responsibilities of daily living and working.

Despite the above benefits, not everyone can find “me time” easily, because we are in a world that never knows how to rest, much less sleep. We list down some ideas below and we believe that with these simple tips, finding quality time for you will never be a challenge.

1. Break your connection with others. Set aside an hour or two or more if you can afford it, to detach yourself from everything that connects you to others. It means that you turn off your TV, your internet and your cell phone at a certain time of the day. If your work requires the use of a computer, turn off the beeps, dings and bells to avoid distractions.

2. Get up early. If you live with other people in the house, wake up an hour earlier than them and do things that you like: meditate, solve a problem, create, produce, exercise, everything that makes you joyful.

3. Use your lunch time properly. It means that you should be eating, not working or running errands. Lunch out with yourself once a week; go to a park, walk and enjoy this alone time sitting in the sun.

4. Close your door, except for emergency cases. This applies to the work place. If you are working on a delicate and urgent work, close your door and let your co workers know that all questions that can be dealt with at a later time should wait until you open your door.

5. Travel alone once a year. Book a singles spa holiday destination and enjoy a range of spa treatments. Resorts around the world offer holistic activities that you can indulge with and make you forget the hectic life you left behind. You can socialize with other single travelers. All this time, you will be concentrating on your own personal wellbeing and health. Fusion Maia Resort, Da Nang Vietnam is a singles friendly resort and here you will be pampered and you will be helped to manage the various stress in life.

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