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Traditional Therapies at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Traditional Therapies at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa
Traditional Therapies at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

If you are thinking of having a vacation, why not combine it with a splash of activities that promote peacefulness, such as soul searching, yoga and cleansing. This is referred to as a spa retreat. One of the world’s most beautiful spa retreat is the Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa in Indonesia.

The Best Place to Rest and Clear the Mind

Book yourself in for a week and you can travel with your spouse or a group of friends. If you are looking to unwind and trying to find a nice place, where you can truly relax and watch as things slow down, this is the ultimate sanctuary. A multi-awarded resort spa, the Fivelements reflects its agreement with nature that include the Aying River, the cascading waterfalls and beautiful hillsides, which are full of forests.

The Fivelements is a healing based refuge and includes programmes and activities such as yoga, martial arts, meditation and more that all happen against the Aying river landscape.

Pamper Yourself at The Spa

Visit the spa and take advantage of nearly every treatment: massages, facials, body treatments, etc; they are truly blissful. You will surely appreciate the skills and gentleness of all the spa staff members. You might not be sure of what to expect during your time here, but you’ll definitely realize that this is the best gift you have given yourself and that you couldn’t have found a better place than this.

Stay in one of the guest rooms, which are exclusive. Each room features private spa tubs, a select comfort bed and a furnished balcony. Other amenities include bicycles to hire, complementary wireless access to internet, concierge services and child care/baby-sitting.

Wellness Retreat Programmes

Panca Mahabhuta – is the signature rejuvenation retreat. Traditional Balinese healers administer holistic therapies adapted from ancient wisdom. This approach is based on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels, where organic healing can also be achieved.

Tri Kaya Parisudha is the signature detox retreat, which is based on the belief that love and respect for the mind, body and spirit results in optimal wellness. This is a cleansing program that promotes purity of speech, thought and action in one’s life.

The resort has a creative chef with great talent in preparing ultra healthy menu, to make every meal a pleasure for you. You can have it either in their gigantic dining room or your veranda that overlooks the waterfall.

These programmes both combine with living foods nutrition that aim to purify and detoxify the Sekala or the physical body and the Niskala or the non-physical soul and mind. This harmonious state of your entire being allows the healing process to unfold.

To truly enjoy your spa get away, make optimum use of everything available at your disposal in the property – the gardens, amazing food and the spa treatments. Indulge yourself in the quality service that they offer, as long as your budget allows and go back home feeling like; you are reborn, reenergized and truly happy-A true treat indeed!

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