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Top Ten Tips for Solo Travelers

Top Ten Tips for Solo Travelers
Top Ten Tips for Solo Travelers

Here are Top Ten Tips for Solo Travelers from Sanctuary Spa Holidays

Tip 1: Research your Destination

Ensure you research your destination fully before you go abroad. It is well worth familiarizing yourself with the language, even if it’s just a few keywords. Find out what the social customs are, and make sure you pack appropriate attire especially for a spa retreat.

Tip 2: Don’t Over pack.

Control the amount of luggage that you can handle. Not only will it slow you down, but if you have to run to the loo, there’s no one to look after your bags.

Tip 3: Check the Telecommunications for your Destination

Maintaining your ability to communicate is particularly important when travelling alone.  Therefore, check the mobile network of your destination country in advance and keep communication devices especially your mobile phone charged at all times. Sanctuary Spa Holidays advises buying a backup battery and mobile charger.

Tip 4: Buy and Check your Travel Insurance before you Fly

Before you book flights and accommodation, arrange your travel insurance or call your credit card company to find out what type of coverage you’ll get in case of illness, accident, lost luggage or cancelled flights. You’d be surprised what benefits some card companies will offer. Sanctuary Spa Holidays advises exchanging some money into the foreign country’s currency before your trip so that you don’t have to go to a cash a machine alone.

Tip 5: Prepare Key Documents and Contact the British Embassy

Register yourself with your embassy or consulate and scan all important documents such as your passport and inoculation record and Sanctuary Spa Holidays recommends e-mailing them to yourself at an address easily accessible via the Web.

Tip 6: Stay in Regular Communication with Family

Always have a plan to check in regularly with friends or relatives back home and Sanctuary Spa holidays advise not to tell strangers where you’re staying or that you’re alone and keep information on you regarding names and phone numbers of doctors and an emergency contact.

Tip 7: Engage with the Concierge

Someone well worth contacting on your arrival at the resort is the concierge. They can recommend where to go safely, places to eat or call for a reservation and arrange return transportation. This ensures the hotel is expecting you back by a certain time. Sanctuary Spa Holidays recommends that if you can afford to, hire a driver to take you around the city for a tour and help familiarise yourself with the location.

Tip 8: Use Common Sense

Don’t do the things a tourist alien to a place would do such as stop on the street to study your map or read a guidebook at a restaurant. Don’t drink too much if you are alone and away from the resort.

Tip 9: Connecting with Others Abroad

Be confident in your choice of destination and flavor the culture and atmosphere and do the things you normally would do to socialize. Sanctuary Spa Holidays suggests going to the local folk festival instead of only visiting tourist attractions. If you would like a photo of you then ask other families on holidays to take a picture.

Tip 10: Use the Opportunity to Reflect

Of course health and safety are key to enjoying a wonderful experience but don’t forget the  reasons you did travel alone. Utilise the opportunity to reflect and gain confidence about who you are and your relation to the world. Sanctuary Spa Holidays believes the time to find out who you are is when you are alone and no one is looking or judging you, allowing you to relax and reflect.

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