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Power of massage

Power of massage

Massage is now one of the most widely practised complementary therapies and should be thought of as a way of  life rather than as a luxury. The word massage is thought to originate from either the Greek for ‘to touch ‘ or the Arabic for ‘press safely’. Both mind and body benefits when repressed emotions, which cause stress and  tension and often manifest themselves in the muscles are released through massage.There are many different types of massage and the main purpose of the massage is to balance body’s delicate energies. Both physical and emotional disharmony can occur if flow of these energies is blocked.

Spa hotels and retreats worldwide offer multi-day integrated health programmes focusing  on preventative wellness, helping to enrich lifestyles through complete immersion into healthy and mindful living. Resorts like Six Senses Sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand bring the feeling of well-being in a sustainable learning environment that inspires lifestyle choices, creating harmony through nourishing products, transformational treatments and passionate service.

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