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Ayurveda Stress and Strain Buster – Reinvigorate, Rejuvenate, Restore

Ayurveda Stress and Strain Buster – Reinvigorate, Rejuvenate, Restore

“May all mankind be happy, may all mankind enjoy good health”.

This is a Sanskrit invocation that you are likely to hear if you visit the Spa Niraamaya at the Surya Samudra Retreat in Kerala. We selected this retreat for many reasons but above all we appreciate the sense of privacy offered to each guest when they stay here.

Located on Kovalam beach this heritage resort is designed with your privacy in mind. Each residence at Surya Samudra is set apart in a private enclave where you can choose to enjoy in-room therapy from the Spa Niraamaya if you desire.

If there is one program we would recommend out of the many offered it’s the Ayurveda Stress & Strain Buster. This selection of treatments is designed to calm moods and relax both body and mind. While the program will concentrate on Ayurveda massages and therapies you can also add recommended Yoga and meditation sessions to really enhance the benefits.

So we hear you asking, just what is Ayurveda? Simply put, it is “the science of life and longevity” and the ancient Indian healing system that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. And Yoga is the traditional Indian discipline of exercise and meditation. Spa Niraamaya offers traditional Ayurveda and Yoga, with Authentic Thai therapies and Chinese treatments like reflexology and the best of European natural healing practices.

The resort itself complements the Spa treatments perfectly with it’s jade coloured infinity pool with underwater sculptures, two seaview restaurants serving Western and Keralan dishes and you can relax in the knowledge that the hotel is a Green Leaf Ayurvedic Centre certified by the Ministry of Tourism in Kerala.

To learn more about the free nights special offer we currently have available click here or call 01293 229 895.

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