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Wimbledon or Tennis – are Brits in love with the game or the occasion?

Wimbledon or Tennis – are Brits in love with the game or the occasion?

I have always loved the Championships at Wimbledon and as a big fan have been watching religiously on television or at SW19 since the days of Borg and McEnroe. However, like many others I have never really had the same interest in watching tennis in any other tournament e.g. the US, French or Australian Opens. So am I a fan of tennis or a fan of Wimbledon? Do I watch it as its the one big international elite sporting event that takes place annually in England, or is it that the game is more exciting on grass as its faster, and more exciting watching players display all their skills from drop shots, volleys to a cross court back hand slice! Like many others I’ve watched the sport but have never had the opportunity to play it. Maybe due to time, access or the confidence in playing the sport in public.

However, I was recently in Gozo, Malta staying at the Kempinski Hotel and for the first time I had an opportunity to play. Kempinski resort is a five star luxury hotel and I was persuaded by my partner to go along as she wanted to get away to get pampered with the spa treatments. I did wonder what I would be doing there so my main plan was to laze in the sun or have a dip in the pool. However, once we arrived at the Kempinski resort I was offered activities that I didn’t expect at on a spa holiday such as scuba diving and horse riding! I was also surprised to be offered a complimentary session with a professional tennis coach and personal trainer if I wanted to get fit or learn the game of tennis on the resort. This for a tennis enthusiast just before Wimbledon was an offer I could not refuse. I was also told that if my partner didn’t want to play they would arrange to find an opponent for me at the level of the game I could play i.e. a beginner!

If anyone says spa retreats and holidays are just for women to be pampered with spa treatments you are hugely mistaken. Spa resorts seem to have realised that many women like to travel with their partner instead of alone and it’s a matter of attracting the partner with activities to keep them occupied such as tennis. Spa holiday resorts such as Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, the Body Holiday in St Lucia or the Kempinski in Gozo offer so much more than just a spa retreat. They have activities for everyone and for me there was of course the tennis, but for others who like to be active on holiday there’s water skiing, scuba diving, squash, golf and loads more.

Spa retreats are no longer just about relaxation and pampering but they cater for all the family and it offered me the chance to play my beloved sport of tennis. I do love Wimbledon but I think I’m now also in love with tennis and more surprisingly spa holidays!!

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